29 January 2023

Quilt News! Fascinating Hourglass Quilt Blocks and String and Sawtooth Borders are in my Near Future! And some Sashiko Hand Stitching.

Hourglass Small Quilt #2 'interviewing' borders process.
My Hourglass Block experiments in sizes.
More Hourglass Blocks in Christmas & Kaffe fabrics for another project.
Finished Hourglass #1, 27 x 27", on top of my Mostly Green Quilt Top, 60 x 60".
Hourglass Medallion #2 started, 8 x 8". 
Hourglass Medallion #2 border progress.

16 January 2023

Challenges for 2023 - Too Many!!

Have you ever been in the situation where you find yourself unable to move forward because of overload? That's where I am at the moment, bu I've spent a little time trying to come up with a short list.

Too many projects started without enough thought/preparation and they land in the parts box along with leftover pieces from previous quilts - need to work on this.

Quilts waiting to be quilted - unbelievable! I have the two quilt ladders in the hall with tops waiting

and more in the closet.

Heaps of scraps to be sorted, what to make with them, older fabrics which no longer appeal, where could I use those.

Two projects I really do want to make this year are the following:

Fonthill Quilt from Kaffe Fassett Passionate Patchwork

but I find I'm not happy with the various fabrics I've auditioned for the 1st and 4th borders. There are two colourways in the book, happily written on the page of instructions is the suggestion that experienced patchworkers might like to try the alternative colourway (to the one above) or their own colourway - hooray, the green light to go with my bright and bold look.

Same issue arises with Daylesford, I really do like the colours here (Jen Kingwell Quilt Recipes) but

I'm not sure whether I could follow through with the softer look, going with bright and bold again would be my preference. I could also change up a few designs in the border should I wish too.

Going on now to the post from  Ann with her project of a jacket for her son. Last year I signed up for a lecture online with Victoria Findlay Wolfe covering tips and ideas for the patchwork coats she had made. I immediately bought a pattern from a local store, somewhat easier than the ones in the lecture, not as many seams but still the scope for blocks or strips and so on. The longer jacket is my choice.

Last of all - my blog set up is in real need of being updated, that's going to tax me!

So, there we have it, just a snippet of the thoughts whirling around in my head, hopefully in a few days I will have plans more settled.

Oh I forgot, I want to make a quilt just for me!!! Everyone in the family have two/three each from me but I seem to be missing even one, need to address that asap with something special.

See you later

I don't have big plans

 I'm into a large hand quilting project

And I really want to reduce the number of quilt tops in the closet, I'm down to 14.

So I've tried to put the brakes on as far as starting any new projects.

But, I just can't get a certain pattern out of my mind.

I want to make a wagon wheel quilt with cheddar, black, and prints.  I don't know exactly what I want but I found this pattern in an old magazine of my MILs from 1984.

I picked out a few fabrics and made plastic templates from the pattern.

The pieces are rather small DON'T YOU THINK?  I really don't know if I want to go to this much work.  I figured I would try one block and then decide what my options  are.

I made the center.  It was pretty straight forward and went together well.  The points and seam allowances are quite accurate and it was fun to put together.

And then I cut out enough wedges for one block.  44 to be exact.  I can only work on it a little bit of time each day so you're looking at a over a week of work.  That is a bit discouraging in and of itself.

Today I was able to sew two quarter arcs together  to get an idea of how this is going to look.  The cutting out is quite tedious but it sews up quickly.

I hope to be able to work on it more this week and then decide if I want the background pieces to be cut out of black, cheddar, or red.

I really think I probably want something more free spirited and fun to sew.  Maybe something with 8 or 10 wedges and a smaller block.  This block finishes at 14".  

On another journey . . . 

Robin of I LIke To Create.

11 January 2023

My Biggest "Challenges" for 2023

It took me a while to sort through my "wishful thinking" list of projects to choose the "biggest" ones.

The first (truly a squirrel project) has to be my version of the Lancaster Diamond quilt shown above.

You can read my introductory post on my blog by clicking HERE.


After considerable thought, I've decided to go with this scrappy color palette to make my diamonds.

I posted a second time on my blog about my go-forward plan - click HERE to read that one.

Number Two:  A while back I made the decision to go ahead and finish out my series of Dumpster Diving quilts with number twelve - aka Confetti

The color palette inspiration comes from our grandson's stash of Lego bricks.

Here is the initial group of bits and pieces pulled from the resource boxes - these will be die cut to 1.5" strips before being chopped into smaller lengths.

I've narrowed my design choice to a block format akin to the very first DD quilt I made named Willy Nilly.

The end goal is to be able to use all twelve DD quilts for my 2024 calendar that is gifted to family and friends at the end of 2023.

There's a page on my blog dedicated to the DD series - if you are interested, it is HERE.

The third challenge is this - "Inspired by Memphis" for the November 2023 Davies Manor Quilts and Fiber Arts Show.

(I have a vested interest in the success of the show since I'm on the Board for the Davies Manor Association.)

I've found my inspiration and chosen my palette (not my usual brights).  

The dark print at the bottom of the stack will be my backing and the print at the top of the stack is what I think I'll use for binding.

The range of Bella solids will be used to create the body of the quilt - time will tell if I can really turn my idea into reality.

(Much as I'd like to, I will wait to post about this one until after the show happens.) 

* * *

Of course there are plenty of other goals for the year  -- quilt the tops waiting in the closet, finish up a baby and big brother set of quilts for early April delivery, chase a few more squirrels, and continue to USE the stash for a long list of "I really want to make" projects.

Time will tell how any or all of these develop.

10 January 2023

Nothing wrong with a bit of ambition

My biggest challenge this year will be simply to maintain momentum and to make sure I don't waste precious time when it is available to me.   However, here, in no particular order, are some of the thoughts/ideas/plans that have been buzzing around the back of my head.  

  • I have enjoyed sticking with a shape over several quilts recently.  I made several with variations of a chunky wedge shape and it was enjoyable and challenging to come up with a new way to take it each time.  I am now on my second top using an improv quarter circle as a starting point.  I think I want to keep on with this shape for a quilt of two more (though not necessarily all in a row!)
  • I have a number of small elements that have occurred in earlier quilts that I would like to revisit.  Here's an example.

  • Also, more denim, more printing words, and maybe making a quilt to go with one of the titles that have occurred to me and never been used.
  • Finally, though I may not hold myself to this, Ann's post has made me want to consider making a quilted coat. 
Of course, it will be good going it I meet any of these challenges, but I am choosing to aim high.  Wish me luck!

03 January 2023

Challenging Myself to Make a Quilted Jacket

 Starting the new year a few days early, I'm finally making a quilted jacket for my son. He asked for one several years ago but I thought he was kidding. After he brought it up again at Thanksgiving, I decided to try. My last attempt at a fitted jacket {about 40 years ago} was an unmitigated disaster. But this won't be terribly fitted. 

There are a number of issues to work out. I've been trolling the internet for pictures and instructions. I made a secret Pinterest page to corral all the ideas. Not just the quilt blocks but also the collars, sleeve, seam treatment, closures. You know. 

A few of the blog posts and videos I've found most helpful include:

  1. Rachel Kincy Clark's Clothing for the Body and Soul
  2. Martha Moore's Buried Diamond blog
  3. Tamarack jacket sew along - 16 videos on YouTube
  4. Muna and Broad Grainger jacket sew along - a series of videos on YouTube, not numbered
I'm posting about my process on my blog. This week, it's just about choosing and fitting the jacket.


02 January 2023

Plans for 2023

 Happy New Year everyone!

Ann and I have been setting challenges on this blog since January 2017.  We have noticed that recently fewer people have had the time/inclination to follow the prompts, though in some cases we know you are still working on prompts set some time ago.  With that in mind, we are not proposing to set a prompt for the first half of this year.  Instead, we're going to suggest a monthly topic.  Hopefully this will prompt some interesting discussions around quilts and quilting.  

Of course you are still welcome to post your quilts here and to share other ideas/thoughts/inspirations as you feel inclined.

So, to kick us off, I'm inviting you to post about your quilting hopes and plans for this year.  I hesitate to use the word "resolution" because I know that's not everyone's cup of tea, but is there a new technique you would like to try, a quilt you want to make or  a project you plan to finish?  Is there something you've done already that has left you with an itch to scratch?  Have you already spotted the first squirrel of the year?  Or maybe you just need to figure out a way to carve out more time or space.  

I'll post mine in a day or so, but feel free to chip in any time.  

The gratuitous quilt picture shows four of my tops done in response to challenges: Two blocks, Tulips, Symmetry and Sun.