25 June 2022

In the Background . . .

I last posted about my project for the current "color palette" challenge in February (click HERE).

Since then I had chosen a design and cut 2.5" strips from each of the fabrics in the initial pull.  And then things sat . . . and sat . . . and sat.

Younger son claimed the quilt as his (despite its very UN-made status) and I showed him the design.

We both agreed it was B-0-R-I-N-G.

After a bit of brainstorming, he decided he would really like me to make him a Scrappy Trips quilt.

And again the project sat.

Until today.


I was tired of the pile of WOF strips on my countertop so I cut them in half and sorted them into the beginnings of thirty blocks using my fold-up laundry dryer (purchased exclusively for projects like this).

He and I had both agreed the palette was pretty dark so off to the stash I went to brighten things up.

96 more half-WOF strips are needed to make the thirty blocks so I pulled 48 more fabrics from the stash.  This is half of them.

This is the second half.  

These will definitely brighten the overall palette and add a lot of interest / curiosity to the mix.

So here is where things stand now.  Backing in the foreground and fabrics pulled to cut the additional WOF strips.

Once that is done at least I'll be able to clip the sets together and put them into a project box for easier moving about until it is time to sit and sew them together.

I am quite sure that this will not be completed within the current six-month challenge period!

Oh, and the project/quilt has been named Concatenation (noun: a series of interconnected or interdependent things or events)