06 November 2021

Top joined 11/6/21

 Just need to add the circles and the slim outer border.  I'm calling it Christmas Tulips, and since it is going to be a wall hanging, the tulips were raw edge appliqued.

I hope to have it done by the end of the year.

05 November 2021

Asymmetry Needed

 Kaja’s {A}symmetry prompt drove home my overwhelming use of symmetry in quilting. Even after posting the prompt, all my quilts have been symmetrical. Butterflies has 90-degree rotational symmetry.

Butterfly baby quilt

And Scrappy Trips has either that or reflective symmetry when looked at block by block.

Scrappy Trip baby quilt

The Baby Word quilts

LOVE baby quilt

and the Baseball quilt demonstrate translational symmetry.

SF Giants baseball quilt

although there’s also reflective symmetry between left- and right-handed players.

Ruth McDowell wrote Symmetry years ago. In the 90s? It’s an excellent explanation of the seventeen tiles in a plane. She uses 🖐 hand prints 🖐 to highlight each. 

In geometry we say there are four types of symmetry: reflection, rotation, translation, and glide reflection. In geology, we identify 32 combination of symmetry operations in crystal morphology {which is just another big word for the natural shape of crystals.} Of course, there are extras because it’s three-dimensional.

I have to look a long way back to find an asymmetrical quilt. All the way back to the first quilt I posted on my blog.

A Daisy a Day

And my favorite quilt - The Live Oak - from sketches of my children in their favorite tree.

The Live Oak

I need to work on asymmetry. Some day soon.