14 April 2023

Quilted Jacket

 Oops. Back in January I mentioned challenging myself to make a quilted jacket. The project seemed unrealistic for years but my son's been asking for one a very gentle intervals. What the heck. The worst that will happen is that it all gets tossed. 

Once I actually took it seriously, it wasn't that hard. I posted it on my other blog but forgot to put anything here. Belatedly, here it is.

Quilted coat, front view

And the side view. DS wanted the turn-down sleeves to keep his hands warm when walking the dog. {Isn't that what gloves are for?}

Quilted coat, side view

And the back. 
Quilted coat, back view

Choosing a pattern with raglan sleeves and making a muslin were integral to my success. Raglan sleeves are much easier to sew with these thick layers. The {multiple} muslins insured everything really fits him.
{It's easier to fit a muslin to someone else than to fit it to myself.}

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