22 October 2021

Symmetry Challenge - Times Two

Pandemonium is my quilt top for the current challenge.

It was a long and winding road to completion -
you can read more about that journey
in previous posts here on the AHIQ blog
(use the Pandemonium label at the end of the post)
 and in the top's reveal post on my blog.

Ultimately the fabric on the left 
is what I've chosen to back Pandemonium.

(City View by Michael Miller)

Quilting will not happen until after the first of the year.

I had planned to use the leftover orphan bits
to piece a scrappy back for Pandemonium.

You can read THAT long and winding story HERE.

Instead of a back, those orphan pieces became
a second quilt top named Ukiyo.

(n: living in the moment,
detached from the bothers of life)

I pulled the yardage on the left from my backing stash
but again, FMQ will not happen until next year.

* * *

This symmetry v. asymmetry challenge
has been a very interesting process.

Ukiyo's asymmetry is far more obvious
while Pandemonium's is more subtle.

I wonder what the new prompt will be in January?

13 October 2021

Tulips Made

 Life has been difficult here what with caregiving and trying not to stress about it.  But I try to do my 15 minutes a day quilting effort, and some days it does happen.  Here are my completed 4 tulips for the String Tulip QAL by Ann that finished long ago.  Little by little.

02 October 2021

Two 'Challenge Met' Quilt Tops for AHIQ

I've been such a slacker about getting the latest projects up here on the AHIQ blog. Trying to fix that! First up is the latest improv. finish, Improv. HST Medallion. It wasn't started as a response any specific prompt here, but all along, the Playing With Scale challenge has been whispering in the back of my head.

Improv. HST Medallion 

Most every border added seemed to lend itself well to a 'larger' scale of the initial piecing. I even drew the look in a rough doodle right after the centerpiece made itself known. What if? Then the tulip applique jumped on and I had to let the whole thing marinate for awhile just 'in case' I was overlooking the obvious. Hmm..  Maybe not. I've been intrigued by this style of quilt for a very long time. So many antique lovelies to get inspiration from, though the best generally have much, much smaller piecing throughout.

Positive Thinking

Also, I wanted to get my version of the Positive Thinking challenge posted here where it all began. Most of the AHIQ followers have already seen this over on the very wordy post. This is another one of those quilts that I just don't think would have ever happened if not for the very challenges presented here at AHIQ. That's not a stretch at all to say this! These prompts have to have a start you know! And a theme! It was a lovely journey getting to this particular finish and I am happy, thrilled, and even a bit moved with how personal and unique this turned out to be. Who would have thunk it?