28 April 2020

Hourglass quilt done?

I finished the red, yellow and gray hourglass top. It finished 40 1/2" x 51 1/2".
Why I might not consider it done is because when I was quilting it I didn't discover until after I began to put the binding on this piece of fabric that got quilted on the back!
I trimmed away as much fabric as I could and slashed between the rows of stitching. I will have to use a tweezers to pull the fabric threads out. Of course, it is batik fabric which will be harder to pull out. This fabric was a piece for a masks that got away from the pile.

22 April 2020

Copacetic - an Hourglass Quilt

This time my challenge quilt is done 
BEFORE the challenge time period expires.

Introducing Copacetic . . .

47" wide x 60" long

All of the fabrics in the top came from the stash.

I purchased the backing fabric
specifically for this quilt.

* * *

You can see lots more photos
and read more of the story on my blog.

That post is HERE.

* * *

Thanks to Ann and Kaja for this challenge.

I love my quilt.

07 April 2020

Just some thoughts. . .


I find it interesting that the improv challenge for us right now is hourglass blocks.  An hourglass means time is passing.  It seems time is the thing most of us have in abundance right now. 


The hourglass reminds me that even though I might currently have lots of time, I need to make sure I don't waste it.  It's a gift.

I still need to get busy and figure out what to make for this challenge.  Hope something comes to me soon.


05 April 2020

Top done

I worked yesterday and this morning and got the top done. It wasn't quite big enough so I added a hourglass border on two side. I am not in love with it, but some little kid will like it. I think once I bind it in red or yellow it will bring it together.

02 April 2020

Blocks are made

I got the rest of the blocks done. Now I have to decide how I am going to finish this top. Add sashing? Add borders? The blocks are 12" which includes the seam allowances. I will have to think about this.

01 April 2020

Revised tutorial

I spent some time working on my AHIQ hourglass project. I was having an issue with the glue drying too quick before I was able to get the frame of the block positioned. This is my version of the 6-minute circle which was not my invention - just want to clarify that. I just tweaked the technique a bit to work better for me. So here is what I did: I already had the freezer paper pressed on the frame fabric
Change #1 - when cutting out the center I now leave about 3/4" instead of cutting it closer to 1/4". This makes it easier to get the clipped edge to stay flat. This will be trimmed later so it doesn't matter if it is more than 1/4"
Press the clips over the freezer paper.
Change #2 - at this point in the past I would dab a glue stick on the clips. This is where I was finding the glue started to dry out and then I had to fuss around reapplying glue and it was just a battle. I now flip the frame over the hourglass block and place the frame where it looks good to me
next I carefully roll back a small section - doesn't matter where you start
grab a bottle of washable school glue. The glue dries stiffer than the glue stick, but I found it is easier to control the placement of the glue product and the hold is much better.
I then put a little line of glue on each clip
gently roll that area down. I gently tapped that area to make sure I had good contact.
Continue around the circle rolling a section back, glue, and pat down. You can see the last clip you glued since the moisture from the glue makes the fabric darker
Since I am inpatient I pressed the block to get the glue to dry faster
Next is to gently peel the freezer paper off the gray frame fabric. I hold the freezer paper and gentle work my way around the block to loosen but not remove the paper yet. You don't want to loosen the clips so gentle persuasion is called for here!
I then tore the freezer paper at the narrower places and then removed each section carefully
Time to sew. You sew along the crease. I like to sew to the left side of the crease.
Next trim the hourglass.
Oh, what a wrinkled mess!
Much better!
Here is what I have done now on this project.