Previous Improv Prompts

Kaja and I started AHIQ in 2015 as a linkup for improvisational quilts. In 2017 we issued our first invitation - simply an idea or prompt to encourage improvisation. That year we had a prompt every quarter but quickly realized that was burdensome.

Life is busy. We may not have the time or interest when an invitation is published but after percolating around our brains it frequently emerges in a wonderful way at a later date. We want everyone to feel free to work on any prompt at any time. Sometimes several merge into one quilt.

For simplicity, here are the previous invitations with links to the original post.

  1. Jan 2017: Chinese Coins
  2. Apr 2017: Two Blocks
  3. Jul 2017: Words
  4. Oct 2017: Consolidate and Review
  5. Jan 2018: Playing with Scale
  6. Jul 2018: Maps
  7. Jan 2019: Red
  8. Jul 2019: Flowers
  9. Jan 2020: Hourglass
  10.  June 2020: Positive Thinking
  11. Jan 2021: String Tulip QAL
  12.  July 2021: Symmetric / Asymmetric
  13. Jan 2022: Pick a Palette
  14. July 2022: Sun


O'Quilts said...

Thank you for this....I must have been in quite a fog this past year...I have forgotten all about this xo

Nann said...

Hourglass blocks -- I think you've helped me decide on one of my Rainbow Scrap Challenge projects for 2020!