08 May 2023

Somewhat late, talking point for May

Thanks, first to all those who shared their inspirational books in posts over the last couple of months.  There were some excellent recommendations and I loved how varied they were.  

This time around I thought I'd ask about your sewing habits and most specifically what you do when you are travelling or away from home.  There is a bit of an ulterior motive here.  If we take holidays in the UK I usually just bundle up whatever I am quilting at the time and take it with me, but I have a couple of things this year where that won't be a sensible option, so I'm looking to see if I can pinch good ideas from other people.

I did, once before, piece some cushion covers in advance and then work on them, just quilting.   But I've made a few of these now and it's not something I would want to keep doing over and over. 
I am wondering now if I should look on travelling as an opportunity to try something different.  Maybe there is a way to make paper piecing work with my messy and imprecise approach.  Maybe I should revisit the joys of stitching on denim.

So, do you just take a break when the holidays roll around?  Do you work in a sketch book, or plan but not sew?  Do you have a travelling bag full of hexies that goes everywhere with you or are you lugging big quilts wherever you go?  Are the holidays an opportunity to try something new or revisit old habits.  As usual, no right or wrong answers so just hop in and tell us what you like to do.