16 September 2019

Two Good Finishes to Close Out the Summer

Here's the two latest finishes originally resulting from AHIQ prompts. One was deemed,  'Use Your Words' and the other was a later 'Coins' challenge. They were both started in the year 2017 and the quilt tops have been completed for quite some time now. 
Make Beautiful Things
As always, these prompts are open ended which is something that I appreciate very much. Having lots of room for creativity is something my brain seems to thrive on. Somehow I tend to merge most of the challenges with yet another one. The first quilt could also qualify for a response to the 'Two-Block' challenge or even 'Playing with Scale'.
Count Your Blessings
This Coins quilt has the 'Use Your Words' thing going on and also perhaps the 'Two-Block' challenge incorporated as well. Ann and Kaja are clever to take simple ideas and open up a whole new way of looking at them. Invariably, I end up with so many ideas that they predictably spill over into several other quilts! Of course I have written lots and lots more about these late summer finishes of mine if you're interested in reading anything extra....

08 September 2019

Loving Contrast with Florals, Blocks and Borders.

Sweet little floral and friends.
Four Patch and sixteen patch units for new project.
Then there's the big floral in 'Alice in Blue 1' block.

Love this big, blue floral by Cotton & Steel.

Pinning on borders here.

Hello Quilt Friends! 
From Rancho Palos Verdes where the ocean breezes are keeping it relatively cool here.

 Leah Day always begins her YouTube videos with, 'Hello Quilt Friends!' I watch them once in a while for inspiration. She's so calm and has practical tips, refreshing.

Since the AHIQ challenge is florals, I wanted to share what's going on here in the way of florals. Nothing finished today, but I like florals and I'm liking pairing them up with contrasting fabrics.

The small sweet floral, in the top photos, looks good contrasted with the shirting plaids and the grey bird print, can't forget the Kona Cotton solids in the mix. These are units I'm piecing for a new project more on that later.

Then there's my Alice in Blue 1 block with the big floral contrasting the black and white stripe print both by Cotton & Steel. The contrast shakes things up. Soon I'll get Alice in Blue #2 pieced. I'll use the same big floral but the arrangement and contrast will be different. You will be able to tell they're related but not the same, kind of like sisters.

Also I'm pinning and sewing borders onto my Yankee Puzzle blocks, which can be seen in previous posts. I used prints and florals in the blocks and the first border is a Kona Cotton solid in navy! What will happen next, I'm wondering.

Then there's the move to Costa Mesa, hmmmmm.

That my friends is the quilt news from the rancho. 
Where I'm remembering to be thankful and enjoying florals, big and small.

I'll be by to visit!

06 September 2019

inspi(RED) - the Flimsy

The idea for this quilt arrived in February of this year

I've always wanted to make my version of
Amanda Jean Nyberg's Birch Trees design -
and this was the perfect opportunity.

I could combine the already-pieced skinny insert strips
with reds from the stash and count this project
 towards the AHIQ Red is a Neutral challenge
from earlier this year.

I've also always wanted to make a RED quilt -
so the collision of timing with all these elements
was absolutely perfect for me.

The finished top measures 48" wide x 60" long
and features 20 different red fabrics from my stash.

I even found a very red reproduction print 
in the stash  that will work beautifully for the back -- 
another bit of fortunate timing.

inspiRED makes me VERY happy!

(and I have another empty project box)

22 August 2019

Red is a neutral challenge MET!

Yes, done. Finished. Complete. Thank goodness.

But it's now Another Red Feather. You can read about it on my blog, Fleur de Lis Quilts.

20 August 2019

A little floral fun

I have an update on the current challenge for all things floral.


I appliqued 12 flowers on to 6 1/2" squares.  It is a flower I saw in a Cheri Payne project.  I enlarged it and gave it a different setting.

I cut green setting triangles and I think it needs red next.

If you want to see the other choices I had for the alternate blocks go here.  Sometimes it's so hard to choose.

18 August 2019

Playtime - over 3 years in the making!!

I can not believe it was April 2016 that I stitched four blocks
which became my latest finish.

AdHoc Medallion Quilt
 began life as these four blocks below

then the black/white spot added

then I began playing with borders

two more sides added

and so I continued on very sporadically until
this last week I had a finished top

which truly is AdHoc with nothing planned, just added
and hoped things worked out!
The Churn Dash
blocks were originally intended for one of my Memory Quilts, 
I balanced with Kaleidoscope blocks, filled in the corners
and bordered with the same ombre fabric as used in the
narrower border. 
This will now be added to the other, I think, 18 quilts waiting to be quilted.
I had intended to put this one in a drawer for the foreseeable future
but changed my mind!!

I have a full post on my blog HERE if you'd like to visit.

10 August 2019

Red as a Neutral

I completed the top for the "Red as Neutral" challenge.

 It is a pretty intensely colored quilt, almost oppressively so.

 I love the applique center that immediately grabs your attention.

 Then your eye examines the outer blocks individually.  The placement of the blocks was tricky and while it might look like I've put blocks together that have the same fabric, my son and I went over and over the placement and this is the best.  One reason is because the dark blocks have to be separated (sounds like I'm talking about my little children years ago) and then the stripes can't be together, and on and on.

After checking out the blocks and almost as an afterthought, you see the twinkle of the little flying geese units (that make me smile) and then accenting border.

It is about 72" square.  A good size to display during the Christmas season.

I'm not sure how It will be quilted.  Any ideas?