19 May 2024

Finally, a finished SAHRR

 Finally, after a sewing mishap (see what I did to myself), a trip to the machine doctor, and loss of courage, I finally got back my machine and I finished quilting my SAHRR.

Made it into a baby quilt for St. Anne's Sewdality - our church group which makes baby quilts for low income first time mothers. I hope they like it.  Your quilts were spectacular! 


Janie said...

Great finish, Angie! I love the borders and kittens. Lots to love in your quilt.

Ann said...

Cheerful quilt for a new baby. This will be well-loved. Congratulations.

Mary Marcotte said...

That's a precious quilt, Angie! Your quilt group sounds amazing. Tell us a little more about it when you can.