23 August 2021

Totally Finished Up With This One!

I feel like I've been a bit disconnected from the online quilting conversations for awhile now. Just trying to keep things rocking along at home and not finding nearly enough time to dedicate to the online quilting community at the same time.

AHIQFlowers is a completion!

AHIQFlowers quilt has finally, at long last, come to its final conclusion. Lots and lots of stitching on this one. At the start, I thought it would be completely quilted at approximately 1/4" apart, but then I pulled back and let the quilt dictate where it needed the most stitching. Doesn't that generally work out to be the better solution?

Something a little different for me. No tulips! lol

I've written more about the process and details involved in the making of this project over at my blog. As usual, I'm practically beaming at finding myself with another interesting U&U quilt interpretation. The fact that it was combined with yet another AHIQ prompt just feels like icing on the cake. I love how so many of the AHIQ challenges end up being merged with another idea I have waiting on deck! These prompts start out oh-so-simple with achingly wide parameters where it almost seems like the sky is the limit. How to narrow things down and get anything practical started? But then we set our mind to thinking about possibilities and eventually we find our little 'what if?' and off we go!

I still have one unfinished prompt left to finish up {Positive Thinking}, and then I'll attempt the latest challenge. Or maybe I'll start tomorrow. We'll see. Lots of energy has been expended towards wrapping previous undone quilt projects in the last couple weeks. Sometimes it takes a bit of clearing out the cobwebs and sweeping down the walls before we can wholeheartedly dive into the next challenge...

12 August 2021

I Usually Make Symmetrical Quilts

Most of my quilts fit into the symmetrical category. 
This month I dug into my orphan blocks and parts and made a few asymmetrical tops just for fun. 
There may be more but for now it is back to my regularly scheduled symmetrical quilts. 

More on my blog post:


06 August 2021

Mostly Green 4in1 Quilt Top Piecing Finish! Meeting 4 Challenges!

Mostly Green 4in1 Quilt top close view.

I finished piecing Mostly Green 4in1 quilt top, 48" x 48".

Hello quilt friends and fellow ad hoc improv quilt enthusiasts!

This quilt is the result of 4 challenges, I finished piecing the blocks and I had to share!
I go into more explanation in my post, crazyvictoriana.blogspot.com.
It started with a green block challenge, I pieced 9 Sixteen Patch mostly green blocks and then didn't know what to do with them, so they just sat and then got put away. 
Anybody ever done that? 

Time went by and AHIQ put a challenge out for making a quilt inspired by one of the quilts in Rodney Kiracoff's book, Unconventional and Unexpected. 
Linda @https://kokaquilts.blogspot.com/2021/04/nine-patch-action.html made a great quilt inspired by one of the quilts in Rodney's book.

Then AHIQ put out the scale challenge, blocks showing different sizes. 
I started thinking about that...

Then came the AHIQ challenge, asymmetrical/symmetrical. 

And so began the adventure of my Mostly Green 4in1 Quilt top adventure and this is where I'm at today.