11 August 2022


Luciferous is now a quilt top (aka flimsy).

SO very far from my original idea, but so completely "me."

To assemble the top I stitched sets of rows (3 then 4 then 4 again) instead of working from the top to the bottom.

MUCH easier to work with.

This is the bottom set of four before the final yellow row was added.

I am really, really happy with the way this came together.  

The top measures 57 inches wide and 66.5 inches long.

Before putting Luciferous into the "waiting to be quilted" closet, I made some notes to myself about how I want to piece the back.

A week or so ago I realized that this backing, originally intended for Razzle-Dazzle, was actually better suited to Luciferous.

(Tropical Flair by Hello Angel for Wilmington Prints)

The Rollicking Robots "Glitch" yardage by Patrick Lose will be used for the binding and also for the inserts in the back.

Luciferous will definitely be a colorful scrappy happy quilt.

* * *

You can read the rest of the winding back story by visiting my blog and using the Luciferous label at the end of this post.

02 August 2022

Blanca Peak Sunrise

 Since Kaja proposed Picking a Palette I keep coming back to this photo by my sister. The Navaho know Blanca Peak as the Sacred Mountain to the East. It feeds immeasurable sand into the Great Sand Dunes National Park along its southwestern side. 

Blanca Peak, CO

Using the scrap bag, here's what I made. Although I love the mountain and the foreground, I decided to concentrate on the sky for my quilt. It's such a wonderful mix of grey, greyed purples, clear sky blues, and brilliant pinks.

Blanca Sunrise baby quilt

This is posted on my blog, too, but needs to be here. Thanks for a great prompt, Kaja.