21 December 2021

Looking For Asymmetry in the Final results

 Here's my two attempts at working with the latest AHIQ prompt, symmetry/asymmetry. Or better yet, what I ended up with after winding through the process journey and hoping something would come up looking asymmetrical. While symmetry comes a lot more naturally to me, asymmetry does not fill me with terror or otherwise stop me in my tracks. I went with asymmetry mostly because it is the one that I'm least likely to attempt at first pass.

Ode to Joy
What I did figure out while tentatively {very open-endedly} pursuing this challenge, is that I do NOT like to start out with the idea that my quilt has to be either/or. It's like a huge, red caution light that I just didn't have the strength of will to shove aside at this particular moment in time. I kind of felt like making that line in the sand before the quilt was started would just shut off all the creative flow for that particular project and that was that.

A new, scrappy baby quilt
Hmm... Me-thinks this is a prompt that deserves further exploration in the future. For the most part, I can now see that I generally end up with symmetry, or as something Julie so wonderfully described as gently off-balance symmetry. Rarely unmistakably, true asymmetry. It's something to think about! You can read much more about the adventure of these two quilts over at my blog, Quilty Folk.

13 December 2021

Block in the Box in Purple

 My fabric, friends sewing, shot cotton/batiks and love.

A friend quilted it simply as a gift .
It has my very favorite yellow fabric in it.

10 December 2021

Improv Holiday Extravaganza

This  time of this  year, I have found a "lost" improve Christmas quilt I made.
I thought I would share it with all of you xoxoxox

Help Needed for my String Tulips

 Hello! Thank you all for your kind comments on my first improv quilt. I am now quilting it and have completed the medallion, however I have no clue as how to do the string blocks. Would so appreciate your advice on how to proceed so I can finish it.  Here's the center done:

I've been thinking of maybe Baptist fans or diamonds. ???