29 January 2021

Gee's Bend quilt is done.

The Gee's Bend quilt is done! I forgot to post this here; I had posted it on my blog Jan. 19th. It finished 40.5 x 49.5". I had started this piece on 2/21/15 in a QuiltCon workshop with the Gee's Bend quilters. I had the ladies autograph it which they said I was the first person that ever asked them to do that.  The backing is a piece of Dutch Wax African fabric that I had in my stash.

05 January 2021

AHIQ Prompt January 2021: String Tuliip QAL

A new year means a new promt. As always, many ideas run through my mind but something different kept coming to the top. Repeated comments about the angled strings and the tulips gave me the idea for a quilt along instead of a prompt. So this time, let's have an Electric Socket Shock QAL. I was asked if there's a pattern. Answer: Of course not. I was making it up every step of the way. But it's a simple variation of a string quilt and those are always useful for clearing out the scraps. And it will force me to write something down.

Electric Socket Shock quilt

I'll start writing guidelines for us and we'll head out. Remember, they are merely suggestions. Change anything you want or go in a completely different directions. That's why we love improv.

Interestingly the tulip quilts were constructed like kawandi. I started with the border and worked my way in. So we will do the same with this QAL. We will start with the string blocks and then move to the string tulips. You can make one or both parts and add your own variations. 

String Tulips quilt

My previous quilts are about 40" square - baby quilt sized but you should choose a size that works for you. The final size will determine how many blocks you need to make. And BTW, my blocks were 5.5" unfinished/ 5" finished. Feel free to change those up, too.

You'll need assorted strings and scraps, about 2/3 yard for the background {more if you make a larger quilt}, and some leftover binding for the tulip stems. Or you can pull from your stash. Or go shopping. I also used newsprint for a base. You can do that, or nothing. If you sew with a fabric base, you should increase your seam allowances due to the extra bulk.

This is posted here and on FretNotYourself. Are you in? Let me know in the comments. If it's a go, we will start sewing next month and continue monthly.

Enjoy the day, Ann

04 January 2021

A Forgotten Blog

Of course my brain is Covid dead...and certainly aging....so I forgot about this blog
Until, I found myself posting on my personal site, how improv is my favorite way of quilting.
Took some scraps and random four patches....decided to snowball one block..Nope that did not work, so I snowballed two sides of the plain block. I had an idea ahead of time on the border and the fabric...Nope, that did not happen.  However, for a baby quilt for outreach.  I feel it is just fine.
It is not quilted yet.   Somehow  it was so satisfying to make.  As I look at it on the design wall, I feel it is comfy and cuddly looking.... xo Diane