09 April 2022

Working to a colour scheme

I am failing this challenge at the first hurdle!  I had my inspiration photo of an iconic Manchester pub ready to go.  I love the way the yellow-green of the exterior tiles is matched with a bright, true green on the door and the very pale shade on the upper floor.  I started collecting shirts - pulling everything I had in any shade of green.  

Hmm, not enough of the more yellow-y tones.  So I did a quick trawl for some additional options and bought this, online.
It arrived this week and it is a lovely shirt.  A really lovely shirt.  But also not an all inclined to co-operate with me.  So I will not, this time, be making the pub-inspired quilt I planned.  I shall be making the quilt this shirt wants me to make.  More, if you are interested, over on my blog.