14 November 2019

Rose Quilt

I have several ideas for flowers on quilts but haven't had time or space to work on them yet. There are so many tops and blocks hanging around I pulled this one out and forced myself to work on the quilting. And it came out better than expected - which often seems to be the case after I've worried myself into a tizzy.
Chinese Coins with Roses quilt
While it started before this challenge, it is my first flowery finish.

More details on my blog.  Ann

13 November 2019

A flowery finish

It took a while, but I have finished my flowery, butterfly top.
This is one of those tops that would never have been made except in response to a challenge, which is one of the reasons I like doing them.  Trip Around the World is not a pattern I'd ever thought of tackling, but it's where these fabrics led me and it's been a journey I've enjoyed a lot. 

More, as always, over on the blog.

12 November 2019

Floral Challenge Art Quilt Progress, Focus Color Blue

The small floral is the focus fabric, blue the focus color.

The units have been arranged into 'Grey Star' art quilt.

Hello quilt friends from Rancho Palos Verdes!

I've been working on 'Grey Star' small art quilt for a couple of weeks now and figured it was time to report progress.
It started in response to the AHIQ Floral Challenge. I had some floral fabric I needed to do something with, it was calling to me. 
I used the small blue floral as the focus and chose other prints and solids around that. 

For more info and progress visit my blog crazyvictoriana.blogspot.com.

Have a great week, I'll be by to visit.