11 October 2022

AHIQ Green Challenge Project Update Featuring Sawtooth Borders!

Log Cabin Improv by Mary Hogan is an excellent book full of great tips!

Being encouraged I've been piecing sawtooth borders like they're going out of style.

This is my 'Mostly Green' quilt top started with the AHIQ green challenge.


Hello AHIQuilters!

This is an update on my green challenge quilt I call 'Mostly Green.' It has 16 patch blocks, 4 patch blocks, and 9 patch blocks and then I ran out out of inspiration and it got folded and put away.

But after reading and rereading Mary Hogan's Log Cabin Improv book full of great tips and ideas I got enthused and now I'm piecing sawtooth borders to finish it up! 

And I'm piecing more string borders and more sawtooth borders for other projects, I'm rolling!

Stay tuned for more on borders!