31 May 2020

June challenge

These are strange times, I know, and perhaps no one will much care about an AHIQ challenge.  On the other hand, it might be something that can simmer away at the back of our brains until we find a calm, creative moment.

I have to confess that I have almost given up trying to sew.  I have cleared one nice little spot a week, but it's hard to maintain momentum.  Sometimes I get my stuff out, look at it and have, frankly, not the foggiest idea what I think I'm doing.  No point beating myself up about it though.

Anyway, if I'm going to ramble on I will confine that to my own blog.  Time to get to the point.  I want to suggest that we do a piece of work related to the current situation and I'm calling this challenge: Positive Thinking.

I am imagining that a lockdown challenge might take one of two directions:

1.  Chop up your clothes!  Think about what you would do if you started a quilt and couldn't order more fabric.  What is in your wardrobes or at the back of a drawer that might be pressed into service?  What about sheets? Or tea-towels?  Or hankies? Have you looked in your partner's drawers?    Ann and I already had a board running for quilts made with recycled textiles, which you can find here, if you want some bright ideas.

2.  If raiding the wardrobe is a thought that horrifies you, then what about working with a block that makes you feel happy, for whatever reason, or in a way that is comfortable and familiar?  For me this might look like  trying this https://willywonkyquilts.blogspot.com/2010/10/wildly-whimsical-wonder.html, or https://gohookit.blogspot.com/2012/04/rolling-onward.html, or https://theobjectsofdesign.blogspot.com/2018/11/scrap-star-top.html.  Or maybe just doing something rather undemanding - I have a kind of notion to make repeat versions of a simple block in one colour, mindless, repetitive but easy to keep rolling along.

Of course it is often the case that you all come up with much more interesting interpretations of a brief, in which case clearly you can completely disregard my suggestions.  In the interests of inclusivity, I should also say that if you are feeling scared, lonely, frustrated, bored and if that's what you want to put into a quilt go right ahead.  No point at all in starting something that doesn't reflect how you are feeling right now.  Hopefully, though, whatever you are feeling, you will find a way to put a little bit of that into your quilting.


Robin said...

I find it interesting how we each are reacting to what's going on around us. I've read blogs where people can't seem to stay with one project and are starting new things right and left. And then, you say you are having a hard time keeping up the momentum. My way of dealing with this is to try and finish up the old projects so there's nothing left undone.
This new challenge has set my mind spinning - searching for some new ideas.
I hope everyone is safe and that this challenge will bring some pleasure back into their quilting life.

O'Quilts said...

Thank you for a post that helps me feel that I am not alone. I feel that I am wasting so much time..gazing out the window. If I take a book outside to read, two pages later, I am asleep. My goal for myself is acceptance. Accepting life as it happens and making the best of it. My sewing room is like a treasure shop. I open this bag and ooooo a surprise...and so it goes...doing the best we can and sharing with each other...Thank you..xo

Quiltdivajulie said...

Positive Thinking - a great title for this challenge. Love the open-endedness of it and the way we can each interpret what we choose to do in response. I will likely veer to a project that makes me happy rather than diving into my closet - we'll see. Blogging has been a way for me to keep myself at least a bit on track through all of this. I'm grateful so many others have been posting as well.

audrey said...

I have been working on projects all along, but most times, not the ones that I think NEED to be worked on! There's a little guilt there, but mostly I'm okay with making any forward progress at all. All the hand work is especially soothing, so I might try to blend some of that into the new challenge. Have not gotten very far on the prior challenge but have not given it up. Thanks for giving something new to think about. I was hoping you would!.:)

Cathy said...

I have to say that I am very fortunate in that my life has not changed much at all recently. I'm pretty much a hermit since I've retired and I've always planned to have supplies on hand for a month long emergency and I do believe in the power of positive thinking.

Your June challenge fits right in with my yearly goals I blogged about on January 2:
1. Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.
2. Stay the course
3. Use it up, wear it out, make it do or do without.

So for the challenge I will "stay the course"!

I do have a quilt ready for quilting made of recycled shirts so maybe the June challenge has just given me the next choice for quilting. And I do have some stars started that are made of selvages similar to the one at the link you posted at Objects of Design. After I finish my current 20 minute a day challenge which is making hourglass blocks to finish an old UFO then I was going to make that Star my next 20 minute a day challenge so I'm positive my Stars must be aligned! Oh...and I do have an old Tea Towel challenge that has been stalled too. Maybe it's time to dig that out...

Ann said...

Thanks for an upbeat idea. Like Robin, I've been pulling old projects out and trying to finish them. Between that and masks, I've used up a box of stash. I recently finished a fan/wagon wheel quilt and have been thinking I'd like to try another. Time to reach for happiness and not just clearance.

patty a. said...

Although I look around and see that I have an overwhelming amount of work that needs done around the house, I try to get at least accomplish something everyday. I have been working from home since March which I am very grateful. I try not to think about the day I will actually have to leave the house to join the real world again! LOL!! The June prompt is just what I need to get started on some projects. I have been cleaning a lot and ran across a box of old linens and clothes that I have been wanting to make a quilt out of. I have a quilt I started years ago at a workshop with the Gee's Bend ladies that needs to be completed. I have a closet full of my late father's clothes that I wanted to make several quilts out of for family. I guess it is time to get crackin'!

Mystic Quilter said...

Sounds exciting!!! I've only just caught up with reading posts Kaja so a little behind with seeing this post from you. Positive Thinking - smashing idea and just what I need right now (you can see my blog post later in the day)! I don't think raiding the wardrobe is for me but working with a block which makes happy most definitely does, I shall go with that.
By the way my Hourglass challenge was completed yesterday, I will post later here and of course on my blog.

Mary Marcotte said...

Catching up with AHIQ, I'm just finding the June challenge. I have been trying to "stay the course" and maybe finish some projects. Occasionally it's been difficult to keep myself going. I find that I've been walking and enjoying the outdoors, especially the birds and small wildlife on our property. I also have some difficulties going on with my sisters' illnesses (one has Alzheimer's, another has leukemia) and I'm trying to get some new things going.
The positive aspects for me right now are in little joys, finding something each day to appreciate when the stress begins to overwhelm me. It's easier to stop the storm of depression if I manage it in small increments as it arrives, rather than ignore it until I can't, which is my natural inclination. I always hope it will just go away. It doesn't.
There are already many diverging ways this post has me thinking. I may focus on the little joys. That would mean I can lean toward the second idea while still incorporating some of my feelings. Who knows what will come of this once I begin fleshing out ideas? I'm curious to see where this prompt takes each of us.

Kaja said...

I'm glad to see that this has already generated some interesting ideas. Can't wait to see where you all get to.