30 July 2020

Crossed String Tulips

I made a bunch of these angled string blocks to empty my overflowing scrap bag. There is no center string color or even theme. I thought they would look great but this set didn't quite cut it. Time for recovery mode. 

Electric Socket Shock string blocks

Fortunately Kaja's latest prompt about Positive Thinking brought to mind all the string tulips I've admired for years. By removing the center sixteen blocks there was room to create crossed tulips. 

Eight of those removed blocks were used to create tulip petals so they weren't wasted. After making a couple of lighter ones, I realized the blocks with black or navy strings added the necessary depth to the tulips. 

This was just the distraction I needed. Thanks for encouraging us to "think lovely thoughts," Kaja. {Who remembers that line from Peter Pan?} More information on my blog


Julierose said...

The string blocks are a nice reflection of string tulips..perfect pairing. I think they look great together...
I am still trying my best to finish up things...but keeping up the momentum is difficult these days of self-isolation...
~ ~ ~ waving my umbrella in the tropical rains here Julierose

Janie said...

Your color choices are attractive, lots of use of complimentary colors = eye pleaser!