20 January 2022

The Very Cozy Inside Day

I hate my new phone. The pictures are fuzzy and the sound is off..
Here is my Crossroads more than halfway done.  Almost finished with block 9 but I did not have it in me tonight.
Here I am messing around with Flying Geese orphan blocks.
And my Kale candy from Sherry to save my day...(Yum)
Today has been a wonderful day.
Once again I have so many projects to work on, I do not know where to start.!!

The Oregon Alpaca visit was a success!!

One more day of zooming and sewing...Four hours of Zooming and four hours of sewing!  Yeah me.!!
Rain and yuck cannot mess with my serenity xo

Dear me I published this on the wrong site.  Now, I do not know how to fix it...Sorry xo



Quiltdivajulie said...

The photos of that little one with the alpacas are priceless!!!

Bonnie said...

I do love following you and seeing your beautiful work! Just spent a week at the beach with a friend and between eating, visiting local quilt shops, and catching up on some Netflix programming, we got so much sewing done on UFOs!! Love the pics of that cutie visiting the alpacas...precious!!

Rajani Rehana said...

Beautiful blog

Rajani Rehana said...

Please read my post

QuiltGranma said...

that first photo with alpaca is definately one to poster size!

Janie said...

Great projects and sweet baby photo!
Good for you!

Kim said...

Oh, how sweet the photo of the little one and the alpaca is. Zooming and sewing....sounds as if you are enjoying yourself to the hilt!