14 January 2022

Pick a Color - My Plan

I have spent far too much time pondering 
how to approach this challenge.

I love the idea - it's how I work a lot of the time.

But I haven't been able to settle on a particular project,
so I've come up with a different plan.

The gestation period, which includes a source
of inspiration to inform my color palette, 
the actual fabric pull from my stash, 
and choosing a design that suits the situation,
is a favorite aspect of the quilt making process.

So I'm going to indulge my love of planning.

Which leads us to Color Palette No. 1 

In addition to the glorious blooms of this year's amaryllis,
I watched Wanda make a series of three pink quilts in 2021.

(two are in this post and the third is here)

Her inspiration plus these beautiful flowers led me
to think about making a pink quilt from my stash.

Starting with the idea of a sixteen-patch design
I pulled twelve pairs of darker/lighter pinks.

Hmmm . . . 

My thinking about design morphed several (!) times
and ended up here - with the Rail Fence design from
Sujata Shah's Cultural Fusion Quilts book.

Another view of the stunning flowers.

I chose this stripe from the stash for binding
as an homage to the veining in the petals
and the black with pink flowers for backing.

But in the end I decided 
not to make these fabrics into a quilt.

It all felt like I was being too literal.

And working through the process turned out
to be enough to satisfy me for now.

* * *

I will share Color Palette No. 2 in February.

If all goes well, I'll have six palettes 
to share during our six month challenge period.

And who knows . . . 
one of them might actually turn into a quilt.


Julierose said...

You have a glorious array of pinks--I watched Wanda's pink-a-thon too and thought the quilts were really lovely. Have fun staying "in the pink";D
hugs, Julierose

Robin said...

It's true that just handling and arranging the fabric is satisfying enough to fulfil the need to sew sometimes. I think it's great that you could recognize that that was enough for now. The amaryllis is wonderful so I don't blame you for being influenced in your fabric choices.

Ann said...

Those pinks! So beautiful. Like looking the the candy store window.

Mary Marcotte said...

Love the many pinks and that perfect stripe for the veined binding. I understand that "your itch is scratched" as we Southerners say. But... that pull is too perfect to pile back on the shelves.

Kaja said...

I like this approach a lot. Its fun to watch you work through a thought and hopefully one of your tries will lead to a quilt.

Mystic Quilter said...

Magic colours!