02 June 2021

Some of This; Some of That 6/2/21

Hello, I know it's been awhile. Days are so different right now.  Not too much time for quilting as I am caregiving my 95 year-old Mom who has progressive dementia.  My sister takes two days and I take two days - my brothers do the other three. My stressor is I live an hour away and the traffic is terrible. That's what I dread. I've taken to spending the night between my two days to cut down on the driving.  I wish I could have her at my house, but she wants to stay with her things around her, so we all agree it is better this way for now.  We are grateful she still remembers all four of us. When I'm home I do try to do some sewing even if it's only 10 minutes a day. So here is what I've managed to move forward on:

I finished quilting my medallion quilt.  It still needs to be bound. Got the strips cut - just have to join them and get to it. Geesh -no photo of the front taken - here's two that kind of show the quilting - LOL did too good a job in picking thread that blends.

I'll post the front when it's bound and finished.

Also got a baby quilt done that I'll be sending to Little Lambs as my contribution to Sarah's Hands2Help challenge for 2021.

I hope you are doing well and keeping safe. Blessings to you all,



Robin said...

Wow! When the quilting on the back looks this good - you know the front must be fabulous. I look forward to seeing the whole thing. I know what you mean about terrible traffic. It keeps me from going to a lot of places that I used to go to regularly.
Stay safe~

Janie said...

Great work, baby quilts are a wonderful gift for mom and baby.
God bless you caring for your mother!

Ann said...

Best wishes as you care for your mother. How good that all of you share the work. You are smart to stay overnight for your two days. Traffic is terrible everywhere.
Baby quilts are always needed.

Mystic Quilter said...

Angie, so sorry to hear about your mother, thank goodness you have siblings who are able to share this with you. You are to be congratulated found the time to complete the quilting on your Medallion. Sending my best wishes to you.

Kaja said...

You are lucky that you and your siblings can share the care of your mother and enable her to stay at home. Even 10 minutes of quilting a day gets you a finished quilt in the end.