18 March 2021

Trying to Catch Up

I forgot to post a pic of the final result from the Hourglass Prompt. Using the hourglass units for the sashing turned out to be a fun play on connections. So interesting to see the unit totally change in looks and effect simply by placing them side by side. 

Hourglass prompt

I got very distracted, obviously, by the applique tulips and almost lost sense of what the prompt was all about in the first place! So happy that I was able to find a good place for these units though and not let them just languish untouched in the orphan totes. There's something niggling away at the back of my brain with the idea {or two} of another hourglass try, so don't be surprised if they come up again in the future. There's something very intriguing about the almost deceptive simplicity of this particular unit that makes me think it's a little under-appreciated!

Positive Thinking prompt

This other challenge has been tough to get focused on. I'm starting to think the reason was because I ended up going in a different direction for the background of the middle three words. Then I couldn't get a handle on how to bring it all together in a good way. The other day I brought the parts and pieces out and just MADE myself finish up the letters. Just said, 'That's it! Not going to work on anything else until something on this project is resolved!' Finished sewing the word 'willingly' together and then decided to use the original cream shirting print for sewing the last three words. It was touch and go, with barely enough left to get them made. Did you notice they are mostly skinny letters? 

For now, the goal is to get the words sewn into a background fabric and have one solid piece to work with. There's simply not enough of any shirting fabrics to use for that purpose, so I brought in a bit of yardage from the stash totes that I thought might work. Ta da! It's stripes! So complicated and yet, not at all. All in perspective, right? I'm cutting it all on the vertical stripe and letting it match up {or not} where the pieces join together. Then, and only then will I figure out the possible addition of applique, borders etc. 


Marly said...

Lovely! The hourglass blocks don't steal the show, but they have a necessary supporting rĂ´le! The do make an effective sashing.

Quiltdivajulie said...

You already know how much I love your work - the tulips sashed with hourglass blocks are no exception to that statement. Well done!

O'Quilts said...

all good. All very good!!

Kaja said...

Lovely work! I agree that it is fascinating how very simple shapes can offer so many possibilities. I look forward to more hourglasses.

Ann said...

Making the hourglasses the secondary design element is a stellar idea. They set off the tulips so well. And I love the tulips. Wouldn't they look good in strings, too!

rondiquilts said...

Favorites in this post Audrey! Hourglass units, applique, words, striped fabric...ooo-la-la!!! Your work always makes me smile!

Mystic Quilter said...

Beautiful quilt from the Hourglass Prompt Audrey, the style of the tulips is so different and lend themselves ideally to the background block fabric. I'm afraid I have gotten around to that particular prompt and lo and behold you're almost at the finish with Positive Thinking, I do admire your patience in piecing the letters and I love the old those old words.

audrey said...

Thanks for the great comments! Wonderful to have all the support.:)