16 January 2019

Improv Hand Piecing

These blocks began with my need to empty the bins of scraps I have accumulated over 25 years of quilting. I'm determined to get them done and into another quilt. This is a sample of where I am so far. 

Block construction was completely #improvquilting and they took on a life of their own. I apologize for the distracting background in some of these photos.

 As you can see,these blocks are wonky!

I began incorporating orphan blocks as I found them.

Some blocks have curved edges and are not scare at all.

Orphan chunks of fabric such as these curved edge pieces from the Klassen Forest Fire Quilt.

Randomly pieced and I am keeping to 100% cotton and some washed rayon and linen have found a home in these blocks. 

I intend to redo an old quilt that has been a favorite wieght of a sleeping quilt for both of us. I will redo it by simply making a new top and backing and then quilting it with more random machine quilting on my domestic Janome.

Some of the "circle blocks" made in 2017 have walked on in too! Do you do random hand piecing using an improvisational way of putting even tiny pieces into the mix. Please share if you do, I'd love to see them and maybe even I can find a new hand piecer on Instagram.

I have made over 40 blocks so far over about two months of my hubby's surgery preparation and his recovery period that started Dec 6,th. Our Christmas was a quite one with our sons and girlfriend helping out, it was lovely.

So, here is a sneek peak of my newly purchased mannequin.I just love upcycling my clothing too!

Thanks for popping into my little corner of the world! Happy quilting whereever you are!

Caroline from Good Earth Quilting.


audrey said...

This has a lovely vintage-look vibe, much like what we find in the U & U book!

KrisR said...

Love them. What technique are you using for the hand piecing? What thread? After you stitch 2 pieces together, do you then trim the back to a 1/4" seam allowance?

I've been wanting to do some improv using either applique or hand piecing but just haven't really gotten started or even gotten my head around the technqiue I want to use.

I've doe some raw edge boro style pieces - but would like to try something slightly different.

Robin said...

I can almost hear your voice as you describe sewing your improv blocks. It sounds like you are having a lot of fun making them. Those circle blocks that you have pictured remind me of the old 45 rpm records. Look forward to seeing how everything turns out.

Ann said...

My mother an old comforter as the batting for a newer quilt. It was similar to your method. It made a lovely quilt - nice and heavy but with a thicker feel since the comforter was thicker and a bit shrunk over the years. I loved it.

Kaja said...

I haven't tried handpiecing (not enough time for my quilting without adding in something new to the mix) but it sounds a good and restful way to work through your scrap bags.

Mystic Quilter said...

You've been busy!! Many years ago lots of folk used old and threadbare quilts as batting.
Have a look at Thread and Thrift, she's on my list of blogs, she hunts the fairs and second hand shops in England and finds old quilts galore. I think you'd be interested in visiting.