01 March 2023

Talking point for March

I thought for this month's challenge/talking point I would invite you all to share a favourite source of inspiration.  I'm thinking of that sort  of a book you flick through when your brain needs a kick start.  I have a couple I often turn to,  not so much looking for something particular, but more to keep my quilting brain stimulated.  

One is the catalogue of an exhibition of Anni Albers work, held at the Tate in London in London in 2018.

Here are a couple of pages, taken at random, one of a drawing/plan for a piece and the other a textile.

If you want to see more, a google images search turned up lots of great photos of the exhibition. 

This is a good example, since it isn't a book about quilting, and her beautifully precision doesn't translate directly into the sort of quilts I make, yet looking at it always leaves me inspired and full of enthusiasm for the act of making.

The other book I tend to leave through in a similar, slightly aimless way is this one.

I am drawn, in these pages to the simplicity and beauty of traditional blocks but I also love to pore over the extraordinary quilting.  In fact, it is the one thing I would love to be able to reproduce.

Of course, inspiration is personal, so fr you it may not be a book, it might not be textile.  It might be a website or web page, it might be calligraphy or costume design or poetry or your garden.  No rules, just share what you love to look at.


Janie said...

Hello Kaja, thanks for sharing your inspiration photos and ideas here.
Annie Albers work is profound. And Jen Jones book Welsh Quilts is full of wonderful simplicity. I enjoy books because I can read through at my own pace and ponder and then maybe get my sketch book out or go and work on another project with new found inspiration/insight.
Lovely fun, that's my way.

Quiltdivajulie said...

Let me gather my thoughts (and photos) and I'll share a post soon. TERRIFIC topic for discussion.

Mystic Quilter said...

Thought I had left a comment but maybe wrote it bu didn't go to publish! Great new challenge Kaja, maybe a couple of days before I post.

audrey said...

Inspiration is sooo personal. Fascinating to see where people go for their own spark!