02 August 2022

Blanca Peak Sunrise

 Since Kaja proposed Picking a Palette I keep coming back to this photo by my sister. The Navaho know Blanca Peak as the Sacred Mountain to the East. It feeds immeasurable sand into the Great Sand Dunes National Park along its southwestern side. 

Blanca Peak, CO

Using the scrap bag, here's what I made. Although I love the mountain and the foreground, I decided to concentrate on the sky for my quilt. It's such a wonderful mix of grey, greyed purples, clear sky blues, and brilliant pinks.

Blanca Sunrise baby quilt

This is posted on my blog, too, but needs to be here. Thanks for a great prompt, Kaja. 



Quiltdivajulie said...

I wanted to leave you a comment on your blog but Google has decided to do its circular non-logic thing with the sign in (UGH). I really, really like how you handled this challenge! I have always planned out a full size quilt but I'm thinking that going forward I want to design smaller pieces that don't take so long which leads them into getting lost in the weeds. LOVE the colors in your sunrise quilt.

Marly said...

You have made a perfect impression of the sky in your photo. I was thinking of representing the sun too literally, and not getting anywhere. But now you've reminded me that abstract also works! Thank you.

Ann said...

Julie, I've had that problem with some blogs. Sorry you're having problems with mine. I'm not sure how to fix it. some day I'll make more bed quilts but this is easier on my arm.
I'm delighted this quilt gave you ideas for the next prompt, Marly. And your comment pointed out that I've been thinking too literally also.

Janie said...

Lovely colors, so much inspiration!

Janice Hebert said...

What a beautiful photo and your quilt is gorgeous! You've really captured the colors in that sunrise! Jan in MA

Mary Ellen said...

This is proof that you can find inspiration nearly everywhere. Lovely quilt.