27 June 2021

An improv placemat finished

My strings and tulips have not progressed very much in the last couple of months, but I haven't stopped sewing.

In June I made this placemat for the Table Scraps Challenge:

It's improv using purple scraps and half inch strips of yellow scraps.

I saw a tutorial for the technique on Debbie Jeske's blog and decided to try out fine line piecing straight away. To see more pieces using this technique check Instagram #beesewcial .

There is more information on the process of this piece on my own blog

And now to the strings and tulips .... !

Happy Sewing



Alycia~Quiltygirl said...

Oh wow!! that looks so cool with all the gold popping up!!

Marly said...

I thought so too!

Mystic Quilter said...

Luscious colour Marly, those gold lines are so fine, must have needed huge concentration to sew those in.

Marly said...

To Mystic Quilter:
No it didn't, not more than usual. I sewed the yellow piece on one side of the purple as usual (yellow on top), but sewed the second piece of purple under the yellow (yellow on top again). That way I could make the second line of stitching one eighth of an inch away from the first. I hope the photos on my blog (Marly's Quilts) show that.

Ann said...

Your gold lines are so narrow I thought they were satin stitch. What a wonderful project to practice this technique. Love the result plus it's useful.

Janie said...

Gorgeous purple mix!
Debbie has great tutorials doesn't she?