10 April 2021

Month 3 of String Tulip QAL: Finishing the Top

 Yikes! I almost forgot to post here, too. This month contains lots of photos about finishing the top so here's a link to my other blog with all the directions and photos.

String Tulip QAL

Speaking of photos, many are starting to appear here and around the internet as quilters work out their own versions. Some people changed the colors or types of strings they used for ESS blocks. Some designed their own tulips. Many are taking the ideas and mixing them up in new ways. Take a look at previous posts here and on Instagram with #AHIQStringTulipQAL.

I enjoy seeing the many creative ways quilters improvise. And I'm delighted this QAL has encouraged several people to try something new - always a bit scary. Congratulations to everyone.



sue s said...

I love the blues in this!

Janie said...

Great finish, the arrangement makes me think of facets in a gem.

Danice G said...

Gorgeous quilt and fabrics. It does look like a precious gem.