05 April 2021

FORTY-SIX - an Update

You might be wondering why this photo
 of Shari Lewis and Lamb Chop is leading this post.

They popularized a song - 
one that our boys learned in Scouts
and still sing fragments of today.

Maybe you know this one?

". . . This is the song that never ends.
It just goes on and on, my friend.
Some people started singing it, not knowing what it was.
And, they'll continue singing it forever, just because
This is the song that never ends . . . "

(you can hear the melody by clicking HERE
if you don't already know it)

The words of that song pretty much sum up the way 
the current AHIQ challenge has affected me.

It would have been so simple to follow
Ann's how-to posts and make a quilt like hers - 
but "oh, noooooooo."

I wanted to make one of my own design.

Three months later and the words
of that song keep running through my head.


I know full well that I'm trying too hard
and have fallen far into the dreaded comparison trap.

I NEED to stop pondering, 
DO something,
and quit worrying whether or not
my SOMEthing is the PERFECT thing.

I'm sure many of you have been in this same spot . . .

So THIS is what I am doing . . .

I'm narrowing up the bias-cut stem strips 
because they were just too clunky-looking.

There are twenty tulip blossoms so I've chosen
twenty different greens for the leaf pairs.

I've added one of Marilee's numbered pins
to the center of each tulip so that
when I take the blocks down to machine appliqué,
the current layout won't be lost.

Amazing what happens when you quit
trying to make a masterpiece and just MAKE.


Robin said...

Such a pretty combination of color. It looks great. Yes, I remember that song. It was the way they ended the show, if I remember right. Brings back fun memories.

Marly said...

Great idea making stringy tulips! Enjoy the appliqué.

Janie said...

What does 'perfect' have to do with quilting? It's a relative concept anyway.
Make a quilt that makes you happy and that's success!

audrey said...

This is a fantastic version! Your tulips are so vibrant with the subtle piecing and the background just makes everything sing!:)