14 February 2021

Audition time for string blocks

 I'm steadily working my way through the string blocks from the prompt
by Ann
for the #AHIQStringTulipQAL

I have half of the blocks ready but being impatient I needed to
to see a few on the design wall and just placed three.

Although Ann suggested we leave the papers in until ready to sew
mine practically fell out on their own! I had used a 1.5 stitch
length on my Bernina and found it ideal. I went ahead and stitched
to stop any stretch and going slowly at the machine worked well

Originally I increased the individual block size to 6 and 1/2" cut,
which was 1" larger the the ones made by Ann, however when placed 
together they seemed very overpowering so I trimmed them back to the size
used by Ann,  a much better look!

My intention is to sew two sets of four together ready for the top
and bottom of the quilt and the sets of three for the sides to try and avoid
any fraying or stretching.

Back to the machine, these are a joy to make!

Maureen aka Mystic Quilter


Julierose said...

They are looking really neat--I left off doing mine as I was not happy as to how they were looking--thinking over how dark or light I want them to be...
nice work in progress hugs, Julierose

Robin said...

Beautiful blocks, I love the fabrics you are using.

sue s said...

Looking good! I finally started mine today. Trying for a spring-like appearance. I'm not used to sewing at such an angle so it's slow going.

Mystic Quilter said...

Thank you for the comments on my blocks, but have you spotted the two non deliberate mistakes? I hadn’t picked up that two of my blocks were going in the wrong direction but Nikki left a comment on my Mystic Quilter blog drawing my attention to the errors, have a close look and see if you can spot the ‘rogue’ blocks, I would love to know if you spot them straight away. I’ve now fixed them so next post all should be good.

Ann said...

These beautiful blocks should inspire everyone to work on them. So lovely, Maureen.

Marly said...

Lovely start! I still have to begin although I have enough strings overflowing onto my desk. Is that maybe a hint from them?!

Janie said...

Great piecing Maureen!