15 September 2020

What I'm Working On - Improv style

Last weekend I took an online Zoom class
to learn how to make a hand stitched Siddi quilt.

You can see my very first stitches in this photo
along with my first Fula, a flower embellishment
that is traditionally placed at each corner.

I can only hand stitch for short periods of time
so this is definitely a SLOW stitching project.

But it is so relaxing and engaging.

This is the same corner shown in the first photo
with the first Tikli (the pink patch) 
nearly stitched in placed.

(Sujata told us that a Tikli is similar to 
a sequin that is used for decoration)

And this is where I stopped yesterday.

LOTS more stitching ahead on this small project.

* * *

There's plenty more going on in my studios...
you can read about all that on my blog

And I do have my AHIQ Positive Thinking project
at quilt top stage - I last posted about it HERE.



Ann said...

How lovely - your colors and fabrics, the fulas and tiklis. What fun we are having working on a new style. Sujata is a gifted designer, quilter, and teacher.

Linda @ kokaquilts said...

Loving this! Those little corner pieces are delightful! I listened in to a talk earlier in the week with Sujata & Freddie, so inspiring!

Marly said...

What an exciting course! I wish I'd known about it. I love the fabrics you're using; that striped fabric is stunning. Are these quilts always made from the outside inwards? At least that's what your photos seem to show.

Julierose said...

Great piece--I loved that video and determined I do want to try a Siddi quilt--I also didn't realize there was a course online...

I like the fact that the quilt emerges and you don't know how it will look until the very end...
Your little Tikli is so cute--this whole process just "looks and feels" like India .
Nice work--take care not to injure your hands slow stitching...[I have taken a break from my own big stitching to rest my hands..]
hugs, Julierose

Quiltdivajulie said...

FYI - Sujata is planning more online courses. Her suggestion was to head over to her blog and send her an email so she knows you are interested. And watch her Instagram feed for announcements (that's where the class I took was announced). Her episode on The Quilt Show is a great overview of her version of the Siddi process. You can also search for Margaret Fabrizio who has several videos about her Siddi quilts online. Fascinating back story and process.

Janie said...

Great hand stitching, the more you do the more it grows on you!

Ann said...

Beautiful fabrics and threads. It's a trick to put tiklis on, isn't it, but they make such a big difference.

audrey said...

Love this so much! The texture is just yummy.:)