23 March 2020

Hourglass challenge update

 I started this quilt in a Sherry Lynn Wood workshop back in November. Since it was a two day workshop, I brought home only the beginnings of something. 

See me pondering what that something was? Let's just say I was not impressed. And things didn't look better when I got home. All I could think was that I had the bare bones of something.

In January I challenged the Cotton Quilters' Guild to bring a difficult unfinished project to the next meeting. At that time we would each present the project and tell the group what our challenge was. 

In March we were to bring the project to show. The beauty of the idea was that everyone got to choose her own piece and decide for herself what she would try to accomplish. 

At some point I combined that challenge with the AHIQ hourglass challenge. It really began morphing at that point, and I decided to try a Chinese Coins setting. AHIQ might save me a second time, right?

And this, dear friends is where we are now. So onto the longarm it goes. Hopefully this week.


Robin said...

Your quilt group came up with a wonderful idea. I'm glad it motivated you to continue and complete your project. It turned out great.

Ann said...

How interesting to see your process steps ratcheting it down from an assortment of blocks with more and more organization. Sometimes they need more randomization and sometimes they need to go the other way. Clever of you to combine three or four prompts/challenges into one. Enjoy your time at home.

O'Quilts said...

This is a wonderful post!! IT is exactly what we love to do...create...You cheered me up!!! xo

Janie said...

Thanks for sharing your process!
What a great idea to share 'difficult projects'. So much inspiration happens that way, kind of like log jams getting blown up.
Wonderful encouragement here.

audrey said...

It's always so interesting to read about and follow along with anothers progress. Much to be learned from the decisions made.:)

Mystic Quilter said...

Wonderful - such a lot going on here! Thanks for sharing the process Mary and what would the measurements be?

Marly said...

Fascinating process; it definitely sounds like improvisation. It clearly pays to rearrange and bring some organisation to your pieces.