14 December 2019

Checking In

Playing With Scale #2 is done and dusted! It's a concept that I have no doubt will continue to show up again and again in future quilting efforts. Am still very intrigued by free-cut strips too. There's just something about the off-perfect lines that appeal to this utility-look loving quilter! You can read more about this quilt at my blog if you like. Overall, I'd say this quilt idea was a success. I'm always happy when a fun stack of fabric winds up being turned into a spunky looking quilt!
Second time around
Also, I recently posted the update on this U&U interpretation project. It's the base inspiration for the #AHIQFlowers prompt. I'm leaving it up on the design wall until all the little pieces are decided on and sewn together. It may take me clear till the end of the year, but this one is going to be moved along one way or another.
U&U Interpretation quilt for #AHIQFlowers challenge
Was working late into the evening the other day, fiddling and fiddling and fiddling. Then finally something sort of gelled for me and the entire quilt started making sense. For the left side of the quilt I had only been focusing on getting the shape and spirit of the quilt to shine through. Now, it's slowly starting to become 'my' quilt and I can see bits and pieces of my own quilty voice coming through.*sigh  FINALLY.  

I'll show pictures when it's finished, but I just wanted to be on record that I am working on this quilt though progress is oh-so-slow. While process pictures are usually interesting, this quilt is not very receptive. I'm too 'in the moment' to want to disrupt any important thought process and derail an entire evenings momentum! One thing I got rid of was the big chunk of yellow numbers fabric in the bottom right corner. Just too distracting. Also, I changed out the peachy fabric in the upper right for something a bit stronger looking. Same color, just a bit bolder. Little changes. It's all good. Gonna turn out just fine in the end I think.


Connie said...

I love all the little pieces in your quilts. So many colors and fabrics . . . they are beautiful!

Ann said...

It's always nice to get a second look at a beautiful quilt. Thanks.
I'm enjoying how your flower improv is going. This is a tough one to work out. You're doing a great job and even better explaining the process.

Janie said...

Exciting progress, thanks for sharing.
It is a relief when your project's voice starts 'talking' isn't it? The tension leaves and the fun moves in.
Congratulations on your Scale #2 finish, nice quilting and design.

audrey said...

Thank you! Love seeing any of the improv. quilts get to final completion and actually see how the texture helps along the design. The improv. quilts definitely soak up all the hand stitching they can get! It's good to finally have the AHIQFlowers gain traction too. I've enjoyed the different approach on this one, colors, design, what-ifs.