03 October 2019

Do quilts talk to you like they do to me?

This is the way the floral challenge quilt looked the last time I posted.

 This is what it looks like now.   I added another border.  I needed to make it a size I could put 6" blocks around it so it is 42" X 48" now.

 But, while I was doing that I first added a blue border (just on one side) using the fabric that is in the top right flower.  Boy, did that ever look wrong.

I decided the black fabric need to be repeated  but because I wanted it to be a certain size - that made the border wider than I planned (and it didn't help that I kept cutting it out the wrong width!)   I just kept unpicking and unpicking.

Now, with that border, the quilt is telling me that it's finished.   But I don't want to be done.

What a dilemma,


Ann said...

Your flowers are delightful and the additional border makes such a difference. Who'd have thought? It's lovely now and will be even better once it's quilted.

audrey said...

Wonderful looking! Your borders are just right. And yes, my quilts always talk to me.:)

Janie said...

Yes, quilts and color talk to me too. That's why I like to name them.
I enjoy reading about your process adventure, I relate!
Your floral challenge quilt looks great now, I'll stay tuned to see what you decide.

Good Earth Quilting said...

I like this quilt. Simple and dramatic.

Kaja said...

Yes, they talk to me too. Sometimes I try to ignore what they are saying but it always works out better when I listen. Your flowers look wonderful with that border.

Mary at Fleur de Lis Quilts said...

I have chats with my quilts. They talk, I listen. I ask, they answer. Back and forth we go until one of us says we're done. By that time, I don't want to let them go. I like to say, "The quilt knows what it wants more than I do." Honestly, if the quilts didn't talk, I don't think I'd ever finish one.

O'Quilts said...

I love the flowers too. I talk to my quilts when I need to select one for giving. They talk to me when I ask which one of you wants to go to Hospice for Jack...or would Betty be happier with this one? I went to a funeral today for a school favorite...melanoma 41 years old. I had wanted to make him a quilt with race cars on it...but his disease progressed too quickly. So I spoke to one that I had made. It was a success. His wife and other teachers came up to me with great appreciation...She said he used that quilt until he died. I was oh, so happy. and...so was the quilt. xo