24 July 2018

AHIQ 35: Maps

I thought the next AHIQ invitational was ready but have found myself repeatedly drawn to a new idea. Whether my mother’s passing made me consider past events or all the journeys by plane and car allowed time for reflection, traveling through history and over these long distances refocused me on diaries, connections and maps. I propose Maps and Mappings for our next six months’ study.

"Maps ultimately testify to our belief in the value of exploration, whether the compass is pointed inward or out. To do so is to appreciate the value of the mind as a dynamic vessel of exploration; it does not travel according to the limits of the compass rose, but moves by association. And when the mind comes to rest, when it ceases its orientating leaps and shunts and association, we find ourselves back where we started, where Here intersects Now." Stephen S Hall

Wikipedia defines a map as "a symbolic depiction emphasizing relationships between elements of some space, such as objects, regions or themes" that  "may represent any space, real or imagined, without regard to context or scale."

Road maps, geologic maps, treasure maps,

Texas Geologic Map, UT Austin 1992

landscape and house plans.

Eichler home floor plan

Instead of large-scale geography, it could also be the location of genes on a potato chromosome ...

 Schematic representation of the shape of DNA and the base pairs from PotatoGENE website

Or an imaginary or spiritual journey. My mother had an old needlework picture of the human heart. Not the Valentine heart but a realistic model with all the veins and arteries showing. Religious virtues were inscribed in different regions. I'm not sure where that picture went. She did have some downright scary art.

It could be as simple as a garden or as complex as the paths of every person in a city. Ed Fairburn combines portraits with maps. It could be as small as a pin or as wide as the cosmos.

The Milky Way Collapsing by Kukicho-san

"A map is a means for discovery, to be used for any kind of territory. It is a way to get from A to B, sometimes by way of Z. Most simply, a map is a cry from the wilderness, saying 'I am here!'" Katherine Harmon

Maps can relate time and frequency. David Ramsey’s post on cartographic mapping  revitalizes all my the timelines we made in grade school. Who knew they could convey so much? Many bloggers map their label frequencies on the sidebars.

Want to read up on mapmaking?

Map Art Lab by Jill Berry and Linden McNielly (2004) is a series of creative weekly exercises for mixed media. Only a few directly address quiltmaking. This book is also suitable for teenagers.

Map Art Lab by Jill Berry and Linden McNielly

Alicia Merrett has made map quilts since 2008. Her book, Mapping the Imagination (2014), is out of print but she has three Contemporary Quilt Demonstration videos on YouTube. You can find examples of her work in her gallery.

Valerie Goodwin's Art Quilt Maps (2013) specifically addresses making map quilts reflecting her training as an architect and professor.

Art Quilt Maps by Valerie S Goodwin
Her work involving imaginary and real places can be seen at:
Other artists working with maps as the foundation of their painting, collage, or quilting include
"Maps have been used to demonstrate position, location... but they can also teach history. They can be used to hold stories and feelings about a place." Diane Savona

This Pinterest board has more links but is certainly not inclusive.

The opportunity to express history and feelings in patchwork, collage, stitching, painting, and stamping makes me believe this could be an interesting challenge. I hope you'll join us.

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Enjoy the day, Ann


Quiltdivajulie said...

Oh, Ann - you do know how to share a challenge! My mind is whirling with ways to interpret this one and I promise it will NOT be in the most literal manner.

Kaja said...

Fantastic! I can't wait to get started.

Cynthia's Creating Ark said...

Ideas on this topic are already spinning around in my head. I have a beginner Improv piecing class in August which I might have to map the course of the project. Thinking this could lead somewhere very interesting.

Sujata Shah said...

I couldn't agree more with Julie. What a fantastic opportunity to explore quilting through maps! I am going to be on the sideline watching, considering all other commitments I have but you all have certainly got me thinking. xo

Ann said...

You will have your own creative take on this that will amaze us all.

Ann said...

What an interesting idea, Cynthia. I look forward to your map.

Ann said...

Thanks, Sujata. You have already mapped Indian marketplaces with your Toran quilt.

Ann said...

I'm so happy you are jumping in to this, Kaja. I think your recent flying geese quilt could be a map, too.

Carli The Quilter said...

Interesting is the word here. Many areas of mapping can be played with here and what a lovely memory map I have in my mind. How long does this challenge go on for? months, year what?

Janie said...

Maps, fascinating!
Talk about a huge topic. The fun will be in seeing everyone's unique interpretation.

Mystic Quilter said...

Now, here is a challenge indeed!! There are three different ideas in my mind with regard to this, more thought needed from me over the next week but I'm certainly looking forward to making a start. This is going to be an exciting challenge.

Kaja said...

Caroline - the challenge period is six months, but that just means there'll be a new challenge at the end; you can take as long as you like to make something.

Ann said...

Hi, Caroline. We’ll actively work on it till year end but many of us work on them long past the end date. Start and stop when you choose. Your memory map sounds intriguing. I hope to see your opening explanation soon.

Ann said...

It is quite a big topic, Janie. I can’t wait to see how everyone morphs this to their own ideas.

Ann said...

Wow, Maureen. I hope you blog about different ideas sometime. I bet they’ll. E gorgeous.
I’m trying to write prompts for my ideas. There are several that seem interesting but need some fleshing out. I would like to make something fairly small so I can explore several ideas... says the woman who always makes large quilts. Ha.

Sue said...

As a former municipal engineering manager, and some time maker of various types of maps and plans I am really excited by this prompt. Mapping has long been on that long list I have tacked to my bulletin board, you know, the one titled "Ideas for Quilts"?! Goody, goody!

audrey said...

Such an interesting challenge. Really outside of my normal creative/thinking zone, but I'm sure something will come to me in time!

Ann said...

Sue, I'm sure you have some unusual types of maps. I've wanted to explore these for a while, too. Can't wait to see what you create.

Ann said...

Audrey. There are many ways to think of maps. I’m too literal and need to consider options.

Nancy said...

I may have to join in on this challenge. I've loved aerial photography for several decades and happened on Goodwin's book at one of our local libraries and fell in love with the idea of a quilt map. (I wrote about both at http://joyforgrace.blogspot.com/2018/06/aerial-photographs-art-map-quilts.html.)

I'm not sure how ADIQ works. Does everyone post along the way or is there a link-up in 6 months, in January? Thanks.
Nancy. (ndmessier @ aol.com)

Kaja said...

Nancy, although the challenge is set for a six month period, everybody works at their own rate (some much faster than others). You can start and stop when you choose, and post progress here whenever you have something you want to share. Contributors are also welcome to share other improv-related posts.

Carli The Quilter said...

Hi quilters of this challenge. I am vacationing in the trees. I will leave an opening post on my initial ideas for a tree memory project. sea breezes to all!

Ann said...

Kaja's explained it as far as we've thought out this location. Great idea to have closing ceremonies. Perhaps we can post over a couple of weeks so each postgets attention.We hope you'll join us

Ann said...

What a wonderful idea to map your vacation. Enjoy! Then share,😊