03 March 2021

Love tulips, don't like to applique

Here's a puzzle for you to consider.  I like Ann's tulips a lot.  I like to applique much less (actually I like how it looks, just don't want to do it). So I have started making these little string blocks for a tulip quilt, knowing from the off that I want to applique as much as I want toothache.

I have been searching the web for inspiration but so far nothing hits the spot. 

I could EPP, but that is not a thought that fills me with joy and lately I don't much want to do anything that isn't adding joy to my life.  

I could piece, but the only examples I have seen are very block-y and tulips are such a lovely, elegant flower I would prefer to come up with something more curvy.   I love the simplicity of  Audrey's latest tulips, but of course those are appliqued.

What to do?  I have no answers as yet, but did come across this interesting post on one of Barbara Brackman's blogs that gives me pause for thought.  

Any bright ideas?  


Ann said...

Make a basket or a version of Carolina Lily if you'd rather piece. Just a suggestion.

Quiltdivajulie said...

Truly, Kaja - you and I are cut from the same cloth. I have spent two months muddling about with this challenge. I love tulips - they were grown in huge fields in Michigan where I grew up and the annual festival was a sight to behold. I love Audrey's tulips - and I found that same post by Barbara Brackman in my faffing about. I have templates and fabrics and a color palette in mind - but for some reason I am still searching. I know I'm being too literal . . . but I'm hopeful that logjam will break apart this month. (and I'm with you - if it isn't interesting, fun, or joy-inducing - I'm not terribly inclined to proceed). p.s. Your ESS blocks are wonderful.

sue s said...

I'm glad I found this post. I'm busy making the string blocks and not so sure about the applique either. Thanks for the column by Barbara and other ideas!

Isabel said...

Option 1 Raw edge applique. Cut your shapes Machine stitch them down. Done!

Option 2 Swap. Of course you know someone who likes the handwork. Trade that job for something you like to do.

Option 3 Use a different medium. Draw the tulips on with oil pastels, or...?

Option 4 Keep waiting. Maybe the mood will strike and you will decide to tackle this technique in order to finish this beautiful design.

I am sure you can make a choice that makes your creative juices flow! I love reading this blog. Very inspiring.

Sharon Leahy said...

Smiles, here's an option that's all piecing. https://www.anniescatalog.com/detail.html?prod_id=154633&cat_id=1450 it's the "Tulip Garden Quilt Pattern". The tulip flowers are pieced.

Best of luck!

Mary Marcotte said...

Kaja, I think we all get your "add joy to my life" feelings. I know I do. I'd much rather raw-edge applique than EPP. To that end, I have a new package of Steam-a-seam. Now whether I'll actually get to the challenge is a whole other issue. Regardless, I will choose joy.