30 September 2020

Living life in the moment

I forgot that I came by, read a couple of posts, got distracted, and didn't respond. Sometimes I do things in my head (only) and in my head that thing is done. Of course, the rest of the world can't know what's in my head. (It's best for the world that things stay that way.) 

So here I am, much later, and I've caught up with all of your beautiful projects. Here are a few of my own projects. The first two were completed tops that have been waiting their turn on the long-arm for quite some time.

These two are more recent makes. Tops made in 2020. Both are improv quilts for different reasons. This first one found its positivity in that it's a donation quilt. The money from its sale will go to my guild and some boy will be happy from its warmth.

This quilt. I didn't know what to do with this insane thing. One day I just tried something new and voila! I loved it. Getting everything to go together was a bit of a struggle but also a celebration when I figured it out. It's my favorite quilt... until the next one. 

Most of my days the last month or so have been spent crafting small items to put in a craft booth at a local artist market. I can't even explain what's happened with that endeavor, but I'm enjoying the short break from quilting "ALL THE TIME," according to my family. 

Thanks to everyone who responded. It's wonderful to know that all are well. 


Robin said...

Very nice quilts. The last one is especially intriguing. I always love red and neutrals, I bet it was fun to make. My family accuses me of quilting all the time too. It's because that's what I do.

Ann said...

Oh, yes. Love that last quilt - the colors, the layout. I can see you had fun with it.

Janie said...

beautiful work, Mary, I like your 'something new' it's on point, good idea. I also like your square in a square quilt the illusion of some squares receding and others coming to the front is fun.
And your charity quilt will be loved I'm sure.

audrey said...

Oh wow, that last quilt is fantastic! Thanks for sharing. I do that too, read some posts and then forget to leave a comment. Mostly I'm reading from Bloglovin' so have to wait until I get back to my desktop to comment properly.:)

Jocelyn is Canadian Needle Nana said...

Just love your quits! Clever you! In particular, I'm taken by your angled strings and center Tulips piece you stitched. Is there a pattern for that? I'm inspired by Audrey as well. What a wonderful thing to find folks like you two!

Mystic Quilter said...

You have four beautiful quilts here Mary, my favourites are the second and the last one.

Mary Marcotte said...

Thanks for all the sweet comments, everyone. I love getting good reviews from quilters. I suppose it's because you know the work and because most quilters can find something good to say but only if it's honest. I love that crazy red/neutral quilt. Funny how something that gives me fits can become a favorite if I just work through the challenges. Maybe conquering the challenges makes the quilt extra-special. What do you think?